Our Goal: Be a Master of Our Craft

Innovative Pools is a specialty swimming pool builder focused upon our client and our craft. We do not advertise for business. We rely solely upon the referrals of our previous and current clients. We do not believe in advertising to build swimming pools. We believe that if we build a high quality pool with care, timeliness and respond to our client’s needs after the build is complete, then advertising is not a necessary means to generate our business. The rest will take care of itself. What does this mean to you?

Our Sole Success Depends Upon the Finished  QUALITY of Your Pool

Innovative Pools employs the same individuals and specialty crews on every single one of our projects. This means you receive consistency, timeliness and quality of work in every phase of your project. We don’t believe in the practice of shopping for the lowest price help in constructing pools, we believe in employing the best in their practiced skill. We have been using the same speciality crews for a number of years and they have risen to the challenge of consistently delivering the quality we expect on every pool.

The Owner of Innovative Pools is also the Project Manager, as well as the Licensed Contractor, on each and every project.  This means that what you discussed in your sales and design consultations with the Owner, will become a reality in your backyard.

Don’t just take our word. We would like to meet you on the site of a pool we have under construction. We feel it is vitally important we are able to show you, not just tell you, the differences in building with Innovative Pools. The best time to meet is after the pool shell has been ‘shot’, (which means the Gunite structure was just completed). There are many methods we use to differentiate our quality and they are very apparent at this stage of construction.

Please contact our referrals as they are your best source of information regarding an Innovative Pool. We are committed to a very fair and competitive pricing structure. We may not be the low bidder (thats a good thing, as that nornally does not work for you in the end), however, we believe we will deliver the highest finished quality. Our goal is an extremely high quality swimming pool with each and every client. Referrals are available upon request

The Innovative Pools Difference

Single point of contact: You will not get “lost in the shuffle.” The owner, Troy Hershner, is your contact person from the initial appointment all the way through the design and build process.

Prioritized projects: We build a very specific number pool projects per calendar year to ensure that we provide you with highly personalized service as well as a very streamlined and consistent construction process. We are NOT A BROAD BASED BUILDER.  This Business Plan enables us to provide you with a definite start date and schedule a hard target completion date.

Owner-supervised: The owner not only designs your pool, he also builds your pool form to ensure precise pool elevations and dimensions—we build your pool to exacting specifications.

Warrantied Pool Shell: We use Gunite to construct your pool shell. The Gunite pool shell has a fully transferable lifetime warranty. The warranty is directly from Prestige Gunite, which has been in business for well more than 40 years.

Structural Integrity and Leak Protection: We ‘shoot’ our pool skimmers and return lines into the Gunite pool shell to ensure structural integrity and leak protection for the life of your pool. Most pool builders believe this is too labor intensive, we believe it is critical to the long term success of your pool.

Customer-oriented: We do not have a single Better Business Bureau complaint or Licensing infraction.

100 percent family owned and operated

Fully licensed and Insured, FL. License,CPC 1457211

Our customer service does not end when we finish construction. Questions and issues come up and we respond quickly in our commitment to exceptional customer service. We encourage you to contact our most recent clients about their experiences with Innovative Pools. References Available Upon Request.

We are more than a pool builder. We are a provider of exceptional construction detail and customer service. We commit to your satisfaction long after your pool is complete. 100 percent family owned and operated, REPUTATION is the key to our success

An Overview of Our Design and Build Process

1. Meet and Generate Ideas: During our first meeting, we listen to your ideas and desires for your new pool. Also, we share suggestions for the design, decking, backyard accents, pool safety, and so on based upon your ideas and our extensive experience. At the end of this meeting, we schedule the second meeting.

2. Review Design and Quotation: During our second meeting, we present your initial pool design and review a detailed project quotation, including product specifications. We listen to your feedback and make any required design changes to meet your expectations and earn your business.

3. Sign Paperwork: When you choose Innovative Pools as your builder of choice, we will prepare a packet for you to review and sign. It includes your Pool contract as well as any county, city, or architectural review board paperwork required for proper permitting—we prepare all permit and HOA submissions. It also includes pre construction to do items and important contact information (gas, irrigation, fence, etc.).
We DO NOT take any monetary deposit to hold your place in our construction schedule. No money is exchanged until the day construction begins. We see no logic in accepting a deposit on a project that has yet to accrue expenses. Your money should be working for you until we begin construction on the project.

4. Schedule Construction: We schedule the specific start date for your new pool project as well as set a hard target completion date.

5. Select Materials: Select your pool decking, coping, tile, and interior finish using our refined, fast, and easy process and high quality standard options so that you do not face additional upgrade costs.

6. Build Pool: This phase normally lasts from 8 to 12 weeks, depending upon the scope of your project.

7. The 30 days afer your Project Completes: After we complete your pool, our Professional Team cares for your Pool for a 30-day period and conducts a one on one Pool Orientation. We provide you with a custom binder that details your specific pool, cleaning and maintenance procedures, as well contains all of your equipment owner manuals and warranty procedures.